Vegansim is Not Just a Diet, it’s a Lifestyle! And because it is a powerful step, we try to make it easier for you!

Focused on health, we are modern food cafe at wellness hub Sozo Square. We have drinks menu that comprises of tea, chai, fresh juices, and smoothies. While our menu also offers salads, stir frys, and other hot food. At Sozo, we prepare a number of tasty yet healthy Vegan as well as Vegetarian Dishes. You will completely love the food, drinks, ambiance and our services!

Customer Feedback

An amazing find with plenty of tasty options

I had lunch here on Monday and I was blown away by the quality of the food. It had a very home-cooked feel to it. Fresh ingredients and very tasty.
When I came in they had only just re-opened recently; changing from a la carte to a sort of buffet style where you can see the food before you choose your selections which was handy as I find it hard to picture a meal when reading from a menu. Will definitely be coming back as it was explained to me that they change the food quite often. 5 stars!

Pros: Fresh ingredients, Vegan food that isn’t just lentils or salad., Great friendly service and vibe.”

Goodfoodhunter – Amanda Charles


Some of the items are loved by our guests and so, we thought why not share some of its recipes with you all. So, here we are with some very simple yet tasty recipes.

  • Vegan Faggots with Onion Gravy
    Many people think that faggots and vegan, doesn’t go hand in hand. It is not possible to have vegan faggot. It is like having vegan egg. Most of the guests who have tried this dish at Sozo square doesn’t know what kind of dish it is and whether you can actually have … Read more
  • Vegan Pastrami Recipe (Gourmet Vegan Dish)
    This juicy and savory dish is loved by both vegans as well as non-vegans. And while most of the people turn vegan, they do not want to leave the taste of this savory dish at all. This vegan gourmet Reuben sandwich is completely plant-based but gives you the taste of the non-vegan … Read more
  • Vegan San Choy Bow Recipe Using Mushrooms
    This mushroom recipe has a fabulous meal for all the vegans and vegetarians. It is a Chinese starter filled with lettuce wraps which is full of flavor and is super easy to prepare. The non-vegan version of this soup tastes the same as this one. But you will love to have this … Read more
  • Vegan Matzo Ball Soup Recipe
    Vegan Matzo soup is a delicious, filling and satisfying soup for everyone be it a health-conscious individual or a foodie, everybody loves to have this delicious recipe. Although it is a Jewish recipe, everyone enjoys this fluffy matzo balls that has infused with herbs. This is a very quick and easy to … Read more
  • Rainbow Chard And Sweet Potato Curry With Turmeric And Ginger
    Our guests often buy rainbow chard because it’s so pretty, and then they do not know what to do with it. This is why we researched a bit and came up with this curry recipe as a simple and delicious solution. It’s seasoned just with immune-boosting ginger, turmeric and garlic, and some … Read more