About Sozo

I am Scott Schumann, I am a vegan and started out with this amazing place in the year 2016. Initially, we started with a normal cafe, with a number of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food items. But, later, as our customer base grew, we got to know that there are many vegans who are looking out some vegan cuisine.

I and my wife, Mary, have been developing several vegan dishes that were and are loved by our family and friends. That is where we decided to completely go vegan with this Cafe. Its been 3 years now and we have got so many guests that have become a part of our Sozo family.

While we started up, we have had a grand opening with such talented singers in the house like the Jacqueline Jewel Music. We were honored to have you all at Sozo Square Cafe. We have a variety of cuisines like Vegetarian, Middle Eastern, European, Eastern European, Australian, Vegan, Cafe Food.